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ISDIN Lambda Control Deodorant Antiperspirant Roll-on - 50ml

ISDIN Lambda Control Deodorant Antiperspirant Roll-on is a roll-on that regulates excessive sweating and neutralizes unpleasant body odor.

ISDIN Lambda Control Deodorant Antiperspirant Roll-on is a roll-on with an antiperspirant action, which provides effective protection throughout the day since it has aluminum salts. Neutralizes unpleasant body odor due to the presence of triclosan. In addition, it moisturizes the skin of the armpit, leaving it smooth and dry. It can be used for all skin types, offering a pleasant sensation of freshness due to its hydro-alcoholic solution. It can be used for sensitive skin.


ISDIN Lambda Control Deodorant Antiperspirant Roll-on has the following features:

  • Skin type: all skin types, sensitive skin
  • Skin issue: excessive sweating, bad odor
  • Key benefits: reduces sweating and neutralizes bad odor
  • Age: 18 +
  • When to use: after shower
  • Consistency: solution

How to Use

Apply ISDIN Lambda Control Deodorant Antiperspirant Roll-on on clean, dry skin, after bathing, in a thin layer.

Main Components

  • Aluminum Salts
  • Triclosan


  • Excessive sweating
  • Unpleasant body odor
  • Underarm hydration

Additional Information

Proven antiperspirant action.

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