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Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test - 10un

Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test is a test for predicting ovulation through a urine sample that shows the result in just 3 minutes.

Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test is an ovulation test that detects the increase in LH ovulation hormone in the urine, which is released 24 to 36 hours before ovulation, thus identifying the best 2 days to get pregnant in a given cycle. It has explicit digital results and contains several test rods, which makes LH peak detection more efficient.


Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test  has the following features:

  • Suitable for detecting the best days of the master cycle to get pregnant

How to Use

Apply Clearblue Advanced Digital Ovulation Test by following these instructions: 1. Remove the Clearblue Digital Ovulation Test stick from the protective packaging; 2. Remove the cover. 3. Align the pink arrow on the test stick with the pink arrow on the test stand and snap it into place; 4. Wait until the "test ready" symbol appears and perform the test immediately; 5. Place the absorbent sampler upside down in the urine stream for 5 to 7 seconds or collect a urine sample in a clean, dry container and place the absorbent sampler for 15 seconds. Do not wet the test stand; 6. Wait 3 minutes: Hold the sampler upside down or place the Test Stick on a flat surface. During the test, never place the absorbent tip upwards. After 20 to 40 seconds, the "test ready" symbol flashes to show that the ovulation test is working. Do not eject the ovulation test stick before obtaining the result. 7. Read results: The result remains on the display for 8 minutes.


  • Ovulation test
  • Fertile days

Additional Information

You need to know the normal cycle length to ensure that the test is done at the right time. To calculate the cycle length, count Day 1 as the day the period begins (first day of full menstrual flow) and continue counting until The day before the next menstrual period: This is the number of days that is the length of the cycle. Use once a day, always at the same time, on the days when you expect LH to peak. Try not to urinate within four hours before the ovulation test and avoid excessive fluid intake before the test. Accuracy is greater than 99%.

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