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Medela Softshells Breast Nipples Former - 2un

Medela Softshells Breast Nipples Former prepare the breast for breastfeeding, in inverted nipples or flat nipples.

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Medela Softshells Breast Nipples Former are indicated on inverted nipples or flat nipples, helping to prepare them for breastfeeding, and allowing the baby to take the breast. With a super-soft silicone membrane, it adjusts and snuggles the breast, applying light pressure to make the nipple stand out. With a universal size, it can be used under the bra during pregnancy and between breastfeeding sessions. The front holes that it has, allow air to circulate, helping with healing and preventing the formation of moisture.


Medela Softshells Breast Nipples Former has the following features:

  • Very soft silicone membrane, which applies a slight pressure
  • Universal size
  • Front holes that prevent the formation of moisture

How to Use

Apply Medela Softshells Breast Nipples Former inside the bra with the opening of the silicone membrane centered on the nipple. The ventilation holes in the shell must face upwards. Before, it is necessary to place the silicone membrane in the shell. It is recommended to use a proper bra for breastfeeding, as they are larger and the Nipple Trainer will adjust more comfortably.


  • Inverted nipples
  • Flat nipples
  • Breast-feeding
  • Baby

Additional Information

Avoid using at night to prevent skin sensitization. Do not feed the baby with the milk accumulated in the shell. BPA free.

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