Order Cancellation and Return

You can cancel your order at any time, as long as it has not been shipped, just let us know by email the order number and your full name. But if we have already carried out the preparation and shipping you will have to wait for the delivery of the order, and then proceed to return it.

Product conditions for return

  • The product must be sealed in the original packaging, with intact protections, for example, cellophane, promotional straps, etc. (never open);
  • The product must respect the initial shipping conditions, maintaining the accompanying elements (eg, samples, etc.);
  • Existence of a copy of the invoice.

Open or Used Products

In case of problems identified in open or used products, the customer should consult the product manufacturer directly.

Deadline for Return

After receiving your products, you have 14 days to return them.

Return Process with Refund

Do not return products without proceeding with the following steps:

  1. Contact customer support, by email, requesting authorization for return, identifying:
    • Order number
    • Products to be returned
    • Reason for return
    • Evidence indicated in “product conditions for return”
  2. Wait for the customer support response with information for return, which may depend on the country of origin, keeping the products in the same conditions.
  3. After receiving the confirmation email, you have 7 days to send the product (s) to our address, providing us with proof of shipment of the products.
  4. Upon receiving the product (s), My Beauty Bloom will review the fulfillment of the conditions for returning the products within 5 working days.
  5. In case of compliance, My Beauty Bloom will send the confirmation by e-mail, and the refund will be processed in approximately 10 working days.

Orders returned on charge are not accepted. If a return is charged by Portuguese Customs, we will not clear it and they will send the package back to sender.

We are responsible for the costs of reimbursement if an error in the order is verified by us. Otherwise, for example, if the product is returned by mistake or for an invalid reason, the costs of returning the goods are borne by the customer.

Return restrictions (before delivery):

Returns might not be possible in cases of countries where they depend/are just allowed by customs after the clearance procedure is complete which means the payment of the customs duties is made. In this case, If an order has customs duties applied and the customer refuses to pay them, customs don´t allow the return, and the order has to be destroyed or abandoned. my Beauty Bloom doesn´t refund the customer in this situation because the payment of the duties is an obligation of the customer.