Terms and Conditions

General Conditions of Sale

These conditions are agreed between the society Baseline Market Lda, based in Rua O Primeiro de Janeiro 418, 4100-365 Porto, registered in the Commercial Registry under number 515309737, owner of the brand My Beauty Bloom, and between anyone who desires to make a purchase through the website of the brand My Beauty Bloom ( www.mybeautybloom.com ).

These conditions refer exclusively to individual persons who are not traders and both parties agree that their relations will be governed exclusively by the general conditions described herein. My Beauty Bloom reserves the right to change these conditions without prior notice. The changes will be posted on mybeautybloom.com.

How to Order

All products available at My Beauty Bloom are authentic, purchased directly from the respective brands or authorized distributors, and are regulated by the applicable European legislation.

European Union Flag

The customer can place his order at www.mybeautybloom.com by registering in the customer area or by doing it as a guest, just add the products you want to buy to the cart.

The customer must always identify his email, and correctly fill in all the fields requested (full name, address, postal code, contact, etc. ...). The lack of information, or the provision of wrong information, may compromise the success of the order delivery and consequently incur extra transport costs, which will be charged to the customer.

We reserve the right to block the customer's order in the following cases

  • Abnormally high quantities;
  • Abusive exchanges or returns;
  • Incomplete address or wrong address;
  • Existence of any type of litigation or any other problem detected.

When ordering, the user is accepting the present general conditions of sale, the prices and products contemplated in the transaction. These general conditions of sale are the only ones in force between both parties.

After placing the order and the respective payment, the customer will receive an email confirming the order and informing that it will be processed.


In the case of placing an order, but not proceeding with payment, My Beauty Bloom reserves the right to cancel that order after 7 days.

My Beauty Bloom has the following payment methods available:

  • Credit Card - it is a secure method, and our operator will proceed in real-time to the secure payment manager who will carry out the various checks to avoid any abuse and fraud.
    • When validating your order, you must indicate your credit card number, its validity, and the security code (last 3 digits on the back of the card).
    • You should never indicate your card details by email under any circumstances.
  • PayPal - when you choose to pay via Paypal you will be redirected to the Paypal website, where after making the payment, you will be automatically redirected to mybeautybloom.com to finalize your purchase.


The prices of the articles indicated on the website are valid when they are published online, and include VAT. However, item prices do not include shipping costs.

When preparing your order, we may detect possible errors and price mistakes caused by technical failures. If this happens, we will contact you: if the price is lower, we will refund the difference if it is higher we will put it to your consideration if you want to keep the order or cancel.

From January 1st to December 31st of the current year, all our products are subject to promotions, price reductions for sale.

Shipping Time

Order preparation starts after payment confirmation. We guarantee that we will try to be as fast as possible, however in case of a stock break of any product, or in periods of greater activity (cyber Monday, black Friday, festivities), we may take a little longer to dispatch your order.

In the event of not having any product in stock, our team will contact you and inform you of the expected delivery date of your order. You can choose to:

  • Wait for the missing products;
  • Exchange for a product with an equivalent price;
  • Request cancellation of these missing products and we will proceed to an immediate refund of the corresponding amount.

Our concern is to have your order ready to ship as soon as possible. Orders with products in stock, and paid, will be processed within the next two business days.

On weekends, promotional periods, or national holidays, the shipment moves to the next business day. In these periods, we suggest that you place your orders in advance so that you can receive them at the desired time.

Whenever there is a problem of an insufficient or incorrect address, incomplete name, stock break, or stock-off, a solution will be proposed via email to the customer. We will only proceed with partial shipment or refund, depending on your decision, after a written response. In case of no response, after a period of time, the order will be canceled and the refund will be made.

Shipping Methods

We bet on a comfortable, fast, and safe service, we deliver your order wherever you want.

  • All shipments are made from Europe (Portugal)
  • We deliver worldwide 
  • We do not ship to PO boxes
  • We have two delivery options (with exceptions): 

Regular Mail: national post offices

If it is not possible to receive your order by hand, it is common that the customer has to pick up the package/order from the post office. In these cases, the postmen should leave the respective notification in the mailbox. Please take this notification with you as well as your identification document. Usually, there are deadlines for making these withdrawals, and orders not collected in the period established by the national operator are returned to My Beauty Bloom.

If the order is returned to us, we will contact the customer, by email to reship the order, or refund the order, if that is your wish, however, in the case of new order dispatch, new shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

Express Delivery: DHL DHL logo

By air transport: all products, except those containing aerosols (*) for safety reasons

(*) Aerosol products: shipments to the European Union only

With Express delivery the order will be shipped through DHL Express with On Demand Delivery (ODD) Service. The delivery time depends on the destination country, please check the table below.

A shipping notification from DHL EXPRESS is sent to the customer as soon as the order is shipped. DHL ODD service will send a notification to the customer by email and/or SMS about the shipment’s progress and estimated delivery date/time. In case the estimated delivery date/time is not right for you or if you need to perform any alterations to the delivery data, it is possible to customize your delivery via DHL ODD and therefore defines how, where, and when the delivery will happen.

DHL ODD On-Demand-Delivery demo

The available delivery options will be made available during the purchase process and vary depending on the geographical location selected for the delivery of the order.

Delivery Time

For mainland Portugal, the delivery time is 1 day, but for international shipments, the delivery time depends on the destination country. Any delay in relation to the estimates given, due to factors totally unrelated to My Beauty Bloom, do not give the customer any compensatory right.

The reference delivery times (*) are:


Regular Delivery

(National Post Offices)

Express Delivery

DHL logo

European Union (EU)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot guarantee the usual delivery times.

    1 to 4 business days

United States of America


     2 to 7 business days

United Arab Emirates


     2 to 5 business days

South Africa


     2 to 5 business days

Austrália and New Zealand


     3 to 6 business days







(*) we are not responsible for delays caused by externalities to the order: customs clearance, lack of documentation, etc.

Some countries have stringent rules in terms of managing customs clearance processes, which may cause delays in customs clearance.

The carrier defines the routes, so the delivery time is conditioned by them.

Shipping Costs

To take advantage of the free shipping, you will need to select the shipping option that corresponds to the offer - express delivery. The option of sending by regular mail will remain available if you prefer to use it, although without offering the shipping costs.

Shipping costs have an indicative value and may vary depending on the order, the country of destination, and the chosen shipping method. As you add products to the cart and depending on the destination country, the shipping costs will be adjusted.

In case of excessive volume or weight, exceptions may apply, since volume and weight are some of the factors considered for the shipping value. Therefore, in some cases free shipping may not be offered, even though the order value matches the free shipping value. Sometimes, due to the excessive volume or weight of some orders, our team will contact the customer to assess the feasibility of shipping and find a solution together.

Customs and Taxes

Customs taxes and fees are values that result from inspection processes and vary from country to country, so in the case of international shipments, the application of these fees may happen, or not, depending on the destination country.

The application of any customs fee is not the responsibility of My Beauty Bloom, nor will we receive any part of the amount paid through customs. The local authorities apply fees in each country, and payment is the responsibility of the customer.

We have no way of predicting whether your order will be taxed or not (often this process is random), or in what amount (corresponding to VAT or other tax). Likewise, it is not possible for us to speed up this process, so we ask for your understanding of this possible setback.

If your order is withheld at customs to proceed with the payment of the corresponding taxes, you will be informed by the authorities of your country. If you decide not to do so, the order will be destroyed or abandoned. We, therefore, recommend that before placing your order, inform yourself about the current practices of your country in terms of taxes and customs fees policy to avoid surprises!


At My Beauty Bloom you will know the status of your order at any time, because when we finish processing and shipping your order through the carrier, an email will be sent with a tracking code.

If you have selected express shipping, you can track your order on the carrier's website with the code we provide you by email when the order is shipped.

If you have selected delivery by regular mail, you can track the order on the website of the Portuguese national post office with the code we provide you by email when the order is shipped. However, the order is only trackable on this website until the moment of its international shipment. Tracking in the destination country is the responsibility of the operator in each country, so we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to track your order in this case.

Although normally everything goes well, in certain countries the actual status of the order is not possible to control, and we only have estimates of it. We emphasize that everything depends on the country of destination and its own customs rules, to which My Beauty Bloom is totally oblivious.

Insurance - Theft, Failures

If the shipping company confirms that your order has been lost, My Beauty Bloom will send you a new order at no additional cost.

We have a tight quality control system when shipping orders to our customers from around the world, but sometimes failures can happen.

  • If your package is damaged, you should check the content, make a complaint to the carrier immediately, and then contact our customer support through help@mybeautybloom.com
  • If the package is in good condition, but the products inside are damaged, you should also contact us immediately, through help@mybeautybloom.com
  • If we have exchanged the product you selected, you should also contact us immediately, via help@mybeautybloom.com

Along with your email, send us as much information as possible: order number, full name, photos of exchanged or damaged products, etc.

We will do everything to quickly solve your problem, sending a new product, or after returning it (in case of exchange) proceed to a refund. A case-by-case assessment of these situations is carried out.

Losses, Non-Deliveries

The correct filling in all data, such as the full name, full address, is extremely important for a successful delivery.

In the case of sending by regular mail, after dispatch it is not possible to change the recipient's data, so we ask for the utmost attention in filling out these fields, that is, if the address is wrong or incomplete, we will receive the order back. In this situation the customer can choose:

  • reshipment of the order to the correct data, after payment of new shipping costs;
  • refund of the money, except shipping.

If the shipment is via DHL Express, the exchange of information can be done. If you notice an error in the address or name, you can contact the carrier directly to make this correction.

On the other hand, your order may be held at customs, for reasons totally unrelated to My Beauty Bloom, and if you are not going to pick it up, it will also be returned to precedence.

In these cases, we will articulate with you which option is best for you (new shipment or refund).

Unclaimed Orders

If, after several attempts by the carrier to deliver your order, you do not claim it from the carrier, within the time allowed, and the order is returned to my Beauty Bloom, the cost of returning the order to our premises will be charged to you, together with a 20€ fee for handling, stock replenishment and bank fees. In case you have taken advantage of free shipping, the cost of shipping will also be deducted from the amount to be returned for canceling the order.