Lazartigue is a French brand founded by Jean-François Lazartigue. In the '60s he was a hairdresser with his own salon in Paris and became famous by its hair smoothing technique. With a strong preference for natural ingredients, he developed his first line of products, launched in 1976. The brand is characterized by four values: natural, vegan, premium and expertise. That is why all formulas have at least 85% active ingredients of natural origin. They privilege nature without compromising the safety and efficacy of the products for a pleasant beauty experience.

J.F. Lazartigue All Hair Types

Lazartigue All Hair Types

Gentle hair care products suitable for all hair types that clean and hydrate the hair. Find here the brand's frequency shampoos and food supplements to give the hair a boost.

J. F. Lazartigue Dry and Damaged Hair

Lazartigue Dry and Damaged Hair

Dry and damaged hair requires extra nourishing care and also protection. The brand developed nourishing and repairing ranges to help recover the hair's softness and shine.

J. F. Lazartigue Colored Hair

Lazartigue Colored Hair

Specific care for colored hair in order to help preserve its color and shine for longer. Shampoos, conditioners and masks, everything in order to protect the hair color.

J. F. Lazartigue Oily Hair

Lazartigue Oily Hair

Purifying hair care products to help remove excess sebum from the scalp and increase the time between hair washes. These products will bring freshness and lightness to the hair.

J. F. Lazartigue Anti-dandruff

Lazartigue Anti-dandruff

Dandruff is a condition that requires specific products to target it. So, this brand has developed a complete anti-dandruff hair ritual to help remove the scales and prevent its formation.

J. F. Lazartigue Thin Hair

Lazartigue Thin Hair

Volume is what thin hair wishes for. Here you will find products to provide not only volume but also density to the hair so that it feels fuller and full of movement.

J. F. Lazartigue Hair Loss

Lazartigue Hair Loss

To address hair loss, fortifying products that will provide strength and density to the hair. The goal is to reduce hair loss but also to stimulate hair growth to keep a full hair.